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Together with one of my wonderful friends from Denmark, one of my soul sisters that I hold so so dear, I have been road tripping for tree weeks.

Not just the original version, mind you. Well, we did that too, for a weekend to vibrant Austin and historic Fredericksburg, and it was a blast. Yet, that trip was all part of this larger road trip that not only took us out to places, but also to places within.

In a magical mix of sheer craziness, loud laughter, deep conversations, long walks and delicious food, we let synchronicity guide us in our shared quest to reach a deeper understanding of how this all works (‘all’ meaning simply the driving forces of the universe and other small matters), and in particular, of how to reach for your dream in a balanced way that does not make you push too hard (and all ego-consumed) in one end of the continuum, nor leaves you suffering and incapable of taking action in the other end (in some victim role sometimes dressed as a fake I-just-leave-it-all-to-the-universe-state’).

We put out our question and asked that we would be awake enough to perceive the answers along the way.

And my, were we guided! We thought that Abraham Hicks should be the one to provide us with some version of an answer (as they have done brilliantly before), but apparently other plans were made for us. Esther Hicks had to cancel, and instead we ended up in the wonderful Unity Church of the Hill in Austin, listening to Marianne Williamson igniting our souls on an individual and a collective level. We half-emptied the book-store, went to a heart-opening service the next morning, and back in Houston, we found another welcoming Unity Church which took us in for an evening with Dr. Dream and 333 Tibetan singing bowls. Very different events indeed, but all providing the same beautiful message of our shared responsibility to grow with love.

Oh, and we climbed Enchanted Rock in Fredericksburg, aligning with what so many have done before us, including many Native Americans who had and still have a spiritual connection to this place.

I came to realize that I have needed this sort of road trip quite a lot. This down-stream flow. This openness to being moved. Physically, emotionally, spiritually. And I cannot begin to describe how grateful I am that my friend helped me map it out and went along.

Did we find our answer?

Yes, I believe we did. The version we need for now, at least. Meaningful and open and full of hope. And – surprise – much more related to our inner state of being than to anything whatsoever outside of ourselves. We need to acknowledge the energetic and vibrational essence of everyone and everything, essentially the oneness of consciousness, and enter into deliberate and loving cooperation with the quantum field. There are steps in that, and it is the awareness and pure intention with which we take these steps that make all the difference.

Now, it is up to both of us, to all of us, to translate this into our own life experience consistently. Like a little one in the process of learning how to walk: Stay focused, have fun along the way, get back up, never just decide to leave it at that half way there – no baby decides to stick with crawling, and our dreams, when they are truly heart dreams, are there for a reason and are meant to be realized.

When my friend left, despair filled me for a couple of days. Perhaps it was the classical momentary expat despair. Or some sort of grander soul despair. Or simply a tiny drop of universal despair that allowed itself to surface and ride for a while on the wave of gratefulness. But what is a drop compared to an ocean?

Thank you, my dear friend, for the road trip. Let us do it again soon, okay?

I know now that when we allow ourselves to reach for the deeper questions within, and when we dare to pose them, then we open ourselves up to receiving the answers that are being given to us.

The answer may stem from a variety of sources. And part of it may come in the form of new questions.

One that showed up for me is this:

Am I growing into becoming the person I am meant to be? Are we collectively?

Ahh, to me that question opens a whole new dimension to be unfolded.

And that is the journey we are all on. Our shared road trip. Enjoy the ride!


Sara <3

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