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Meet Sara, the slightly extended version

Updated: Jul 2, 2018

I am a naturally blond, not model-tall, soon to be forty-woman.

I am also a woman on a mission.

A mission that has very little to do with outer, physical appearances, but everything to do with living from the inside out; with getting the most out of this life; with continuously liberating myself and others from the narrow, outworn tracks of our minds and opening our hearts to this grand experience that life really is.

I am married to my life-long love, Kim, and together we have three children: August and Valdemar, our 10 years old identical twins; and Ellen, their 5 years old sister.

These four people are my close travel companions in life, and I couldn’t have wished for any better. In many ways we resemble each other, whereas in others we are completely different. I love our family composition, from the one end of its continuum where we might sometimes almost disappear as individuals in our likeness; straight to the other end at which we at times appear directly incompatible. I don’t believe in opting for comfortable (but constricting and boring) middle grounds. Rather, I trust that this composition has come about because we are in an ongoing process of learning from each other and growing with it. And that this is exactly how it is supposed to be.

As a family, we are in the middle of a major shift of scenery: for three years we have agreed to leave our wonderful countryside house in Denmark behind and settle down as expats in Houston, Texas. The change couldn’t be much bigger. From small-scale town to large-scale mega city. From four seasons to mostly hot. From having friends and family nearby to long distances. But offered the opportunity, our adventurous sides rose from their sleep. Despite the unavoidable cocktailing of our deepest fears with our hard-earned analytical skills, and a good amount of guilty conscience, we just couldn’t say no. The plusses won.

Writing is my heart’s calling. I write both fiction, poetry and self-reflective texts, all of which will be accessible from this site. It is often during the actual act of writing that I land perspectives which elevate my awareness and let me enter a state of flow that I enjoy immensely. Or it happens during long nature walks, to then be put down on paper when I’m back at my wooden table.

I am a trained coach and therapist, working from an integrative methodology, but solidly grounded in a psychospiritual approach. I believe that everything is energy, and that life is fundamentally about learning to open yourself up to the inflow of your soul and of the loving, powerful energies of the universe. So you step out of a small life confined within your mind and become fully present in your life, persistently focusing on your life purpose, which, broken down to its core, is about having a joyous time around. This is what I have termed Spiritflowing, and this is where life becomes GREAT.

I hold a PhD in English Linguistics from Aalborg University, Denmark, and have walked the university career path for some time. But that became the small life to me. A life full of pressure and inherent expectations. Without spiritflowing and thereby without a deep joy of life and a high vibrating energy. And so I had to leave it in favor of a patchwork working style that made room for me.

I now practice being me. My journey has begun. I have been a little inclined to think that everything should be close to perfect before I could invite anyone along. But that is just good old Mr. fear dressed up in a posh tuxedo. Actually, a journey without the journey is not really a journey, is it? Rather, it’s an ego-set-up, an idealized glorification on which I don’t want to waist anymore of my energy. Because the glorifications of the ego consume much more energy than they create!

So now I have simply jumped right into medias res; I have set my intention on progressing from the inside out and on having fun along the way; and you are warmly invited to come along.



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