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CO * RO * NA

Care Outstandingly * Remember Oneness * Nurture Agape

Corona. It used to be simply a beer brand. Then it became a world-wide virus. And just now, to me, it has become an abbreviation for three lessons that I want to take with me from the situation we are all in right now.

How are you all? Physically? Mentally? How solid is the ground you are standing on? How is your balance between fear and trust? Do you carry hope in your heart?

I want to steer away from any war and fight metaphors. This is not a war zone. And we are not battling each other. We are finding each other. In new ways. Across borders. And with a shared goal. To heal.

When we care about ourselves and our loved ones right now by staying at home, we care about the whole of humanity. We are learning that care can come across in so many ways. Ways that stand out.

*Care Outstandingly.

We are all in it together. This is new. And at the same time, it has always, always been so. We just forgot.

*Remember Oneness.

There is no enemy in this. No point in blaming. It will not make you feel better, that is just the illusion of a small mind. Rather, it is time to forgive. Forgive the past, the people, yourself. Because forgiveness makes you see clearly, and as such, it paves the way for the outpouring of love. The type of love that is comprised in the notion of Agape.

*Nurture Agape.

A quick Wikipedia search tells us that Agape ‘embraces a universal, unconditional love that transcends and persists regardless of circumstance. It goes beyond just the emotions to the extent of seeking the best for others.’

And for the world, I want to add. For our planet. For the future blue generations of living beings.

The world is waiting. It has not stopped. It has not gone under. It is simply waiting. And during that waiting time we are being given the opportunity to wake up. And to stay awake, as Rumi asked us to.

Mother Nature has started to restore herself. She uses this moment in time to heal some of her wounds.

We have that possibility too. And if we do, and if we care outstandingly, remember oneness and nurture Agape, we might find the keys to not only heal but enlighten our shared life here on Earth.

That is the hope I carry in my heart.



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