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Sara Hoejslet


Meet Sara

Expat mom, writer, psychospiritual therapist, PhD 

I am at such an exciting time of my life! With a bag full of experience, success and crisis, joy and sorrow, my life mission has never been clearer. I am on a mission that has very little to do with outer appearances, but everything to do with living from the inside out; with getting the most out of this life; with continuously liberating myself and others from the narrow, outworn tracks of our minds and opening our hearts to this grand experience that life really is.


I am married to my life-long love, and together we have three children. These four people are my close travel companions in life, and I couldn’t have wished for any better. As a family, we recently did a major shift of scenery: for three years we have agreed to leave Denmark behind and settle down as expats in Houston, Texas.


Here, I blog about this journey which doesn’t just head out into the world, but also takes us all on an inner trajectory. I have decided to do my best to make it deep, bold and uplifting. And not least authentic.


On the blog, I blend my voices: that of the expat mom; that of the creative, word-loving writer who lives inside me; and that of the psychospiritual therapist who I also am.

My blog is a central element of my energy work. I simply practice being me. I have set my intention on progressing from the inside out and on having fun along the way; and you are warmly invited to come along.

Meet Sara
Why Spiritflowing

Why Spiritflowing?


Freedom to me is fundamentally thinking and acting from a place within that realises hidden fears and chooses a loving path instead. Striving to stay in close contact with that place is reaching towards freedom.


I believe in a vibrating universe, and the more conscious you are in aiming for the higher frequencies, the better, more beautiful and satisfying the manifestations. Expanding your consciousness, enjoying the journey and through that making a difference is to me what life is really about.


Authenticity is honesty, openness, integrity. It is being true to who you are and where you are. It is daring to share not just the idyllic moments, but also the trembling ones. It is allowing yourself to grow through what is.


Spiritflowing allows for creative in- and outputs. As well as creativity is a central way to open yourself up to spiritflowing. A most beautiful interdependence. Your creative work is a way to let your soul's voice be heard and  to work with the powerful energies of the universe - to let it work through you.  

Inside out

Enough with the faking, facade, and fooling yourself. Coming from the inside out means truly opening your heart and letting the intuitive wisdom you find there form your presence in the world.

Energy work

Energy work as I see it is the backbone of a life characterised by spiritflowing. Energy work to me is both seeking high vibrations through meditation, affirmations, visualisations..., and going deep within to meet old negative beliefs, bottomless fears, self-degrading habits and addictions, and through that extract the ressources hidden within. This is the path of spiritflowing and of releasing the powerful energy resource that is you.

Some essential ingredients of what I understand by Spiritflowing. Learn more here.


Sara has the magic ability to touch people.

Her touch is gentle, powerful and life-altering.

That’s how it is when an angel touches your heart.

How grateful I am to have met such wise inspirational soul

— Anne


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Voices & Categories

I blog about my worldly, creative and spiritual journey. This is, of course, essentially one life journey. Yet, in my recount I approach it from different angles, or I apply different voices. Voices that together compose me and enable my ongoing quest for spiritflowing.

Being a rather eclectic and open person in love with words and languages, you will find that some posts are written in Danish, some in English, some in both. I simply write in whatever of my two most familiar languages that my thoughts on the matter appear to arrive in.

It is not that I cannot see the point in a certain amount of structure and discipline, I just fail to stay fully alive when generic, normative decisions narrow the creative space too much. So I practice avoiding taking too many decisions of that kind. And I always reserve the right to reconsider at a later state. So let's see about this language business, okay?

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